Our vision is to improve the overall experience of those using Atlanta Memorial Park by working with various partners to constructively address and resolve environmental issues impacting the Park and Peachtree Creek.

Our goals:

 –     Improve and protect water quality in Peachtree Creek and the condition of the banks along Peachtree Creek

 –     Collaborate with the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM) and others to address any environmental issues impacting the Park and the Peachtree Creek Watershed Basin, with a focus on eliminating negative environmental impacts, including wet weather sewer overflows during flooding events

What we are doing:

 –     Meeting quarterly with DWM and members of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) (established in 2016 after the flooding and sewer overflows in 2015) to review and assess environmental issues, discuss status of DWM projects, and propose and implement solutions

 –     Organize community meetings with the surrounding neighborhoods and others regarding environmental issues impacting the Park and DWM’s proposed solutions to improve capacity and efficiency in the Peachtree Creek Watershed Basin

 – Partner with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper on Peachtree Creek clean-up events

 What we have done (DWM Projects Planned/Completed):

 –    Initiated Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project – Inspection, cleaning and installation of a PVC liner system for 11,000 LF of 96” pipe

 –    Peachtree Creek Relief Lines in Park cleared of debris

 –     Aerial Sewer Crossings (Howell Mill/Woodward Way over Peachtree Creek removed in 2019/2020

 –     North Fork Storage Tank (15 MG) & Pump Station (75 MGD) (~$95M) in planning and design stage and GA 400 site selection details being worked out

 –     DWM regularly monitoring/diverting flows in the Peachtree Creek Basin to increase capacity, inspecting and cleaning sewer lines and removing debris build-up in Peachtree Creek

Our future plans:

 –     Continue to be actively involved with DWM through TAG in the resolution of environmental issues impacting to Park

 –     Continue to communicate AMPC’s efforts to improve the Park in the environmental area


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