Our vision is to provide enhanced connectivity among a network of sidewalks, nature trails, and multi-use trails in and around Atlanta Memorial Park, both east and west of Northside Drive. 


 –     Pathways around Memorial Park, under Northside Drive, around BJ Golf Course, BG Tennis Center and Recital Hall, all connected to the Beltline‚Äôs NW Trail.

 –     Bike paths east of Northside Drive, crossing Peachtree Creek, connecting to the Beltline, and under Northside Drive to Memorial Park and Wesley Drive.

 –     A flood-resistant nature trail through the interior of Memorial Park. 

What we are doing:

 –     Working with GDOT, PATH, BJGCF, and COA on the Northside Drive bridge underpass.

 –     Working with GDOT, BJGCF, and the Springlake Civic Association on the installation of a new light with crosswalks at the intersection of Northside Drive/Klump Lane/McKinley Road.

–     Working with GDOT and neighborhoods on new bridge sidewalk and crosswalk designs.

 –     Hosting community meetings about pathways, roads, bridge replacement, etc. 

What we have done:

 –     Launched the Northside Drive bridge underpass proposal. Continued advocacy and numerous follow-up meetings with PATH, GDOT and BJGCF have led to a bridge design to accommodate the underpass.

 –     Secured funding and coordinated design and permitting of the sidewalk around Memorial Park. Coordinated with Renew Atlanta, ASTRA, HGOR, and Long Engineering on the installation of the 5-foot sidewalks around Memorial Park. 

 –     Hosted meetings with PATH and neighborhoods for input regarding the design of the multi-use trail loop around the golf course.

 –     Secured funding for the Memorial Park nature trail.

Our future plans:

 –     Continue advocacy for the Northside Drive bridge underpass and surface walkways.

 –     Host community meetings for Beltline updates and other connectivity issues.

 –     Advocate for the maintenance and safety of the sidewalks, nature trails and pathways throughout Atlanta Memorial Park.


AMPC Trails and Connectivity

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