About the Conservancy

The Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy’s mission is to restore, enhance, and preserve Atlanta Memorial Park, making it a beautiful, connected, and sustainable urban greenspace for the enjoyment of all.

November 2016 update: On November 1, 2016, the City of Atlanta and State of Georgia completed the transaction to transfer ownership of the land on the east side of Northside Drive, including the Bobby Jones Golf Course and Bitsy Grant Tennis Center, to the State.

The State has entered into a long-term license agreement with a newly formed group called the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation (the “Foundation”). The course is currently closed, undergoing renovations.  The City of Atlanta is leasing back the existing golf clubhouse from the State and has been working with the AMPC, the Peachtree Battle Alliance and the Haynes Manor Recital Hall Foundation (HMRHF) to finalize an agreement for the HMRHF to renovate the clubhouse, turning it into a small chamber music venue with educational instruction offered on the lower level.  

Based upon the Foundation’s past press releases and publicly shared plans, the Foundation is responsible for raising the funds to redevelop the golf course into a nine-hole reversible course with a practice facility and junior golf links. The Foundation’s renovation plans also include a new golf clubhouse, golf house for golf association offices and historic golf memorabilia, and a parking facility to service both the golf and tennis facilities. To view the renderings that will be implemented by the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation, please click here.

The Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (AMPC) is pleased to see elements of its original master plan incorporated into the Foundation’s plans.  One of those elements is the completion of AMPC’s envisioned multi-use PATH loop around the golf course as shown on the connectivity rendering below. In September of 2016, Council Member Adrean secured $2.2 million in funding from the City of Atlanta to complete the 10-foot wide PATH loop and new pedestrian bridge at Bobby Jones Golf Course.  Working in partnership with the City of Atlanta, the PATH Foundation is constructing the connectivity component of this project which will significantly improve pedestrian and bicycle access in and around Atlanta Memorial Park.

An advocate for connectivity, safety, sustainability, green space, and watershed improvements, AMPC looks forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders of Atlanta Memorial Park so that the future improvements will benefit the Atlanta community to the fullest extent possible.

Moving forward, AMPC will continue its ongoing efforts and committed focus on three key areas within Atlanta Memorial Park:

green space

With the help and involvement of our constituents and supporters, AMPC has achieved several meaningful objectives, including but not limited to public funding for sidewalks and trails within Atlanta Memorial Park, funding and installation of a new playground, plus positive attention and significant improvements to the sewer and watershed infrastructure affecting Memorial Park.

While Memorial Park is fortunate to see the improvements being implemented above, there is more work to be done to revitalize the Park. We are excited to help lead this effort to restore, enhance, and preserve Atlanta Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all.

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