Our mission is to make Atlanta Memorial Park a beautiful, environmentally sensitive and sustainable park, accessible and connected to the neighborhoods and the city, by enhancing the park, tennis and golf experiences through a collaborative process of renovation, restoration and preservation. 


Sunday, September 21, 2014- Collier Hills Neighborhood Get Together

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - AMPC & Bitsy Grant Holiday Party

Saturday, March 28, 2014- 2nd Annual AMPC Clean Up Day


June 2014 Update-Letter from the Executive Director

The board and committee members of the Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy (AMPC) have been hard at work in the last few months.  With so many initiatives underway, I wanted to bring our members up to date on our efforts and accomplishments in 2014.  A few of the highlights include:

Operational Capacity Building Campaign (OCBC) – Roxanne Smith, AMPC Board President and Chair of this fundraising committee, and the OCBC committee members have put in countless hours on the OCBC effort. This committee, with assistance from Coxe Curry, has done an outstanding job and has already secured a third of the funds needed to reach the goal of raising $359,000 to fund the Conservancy’s operations for the next 3 years.

Vision Plan – With the assistance of Park Pride and Leah Moore of Moore Creative, the Conservancy is underway in its efforts to complete its Vision Plan for Phase I of our project. The Vision Plan will outline the initiatives the Conservancy will undertake to revitalize the passive portion of Atlanta Memorial Park along the west side of Northside Drive. This Plan will also enable the Conservancy to move forward on Phase I fundraising.

PATH – On June 24th, PATH will hold its final presentation on the trail that will link the existing Tanyard Creek Beltline to the GDOT/PATH sidewalk along the eastern side of Northside Drive. The sidewalks are part of the Northside Drive Improvement Project and are estimated to be completed by 2016. Along with the trail, Atlanta Memorial Park will soon be the beneficiary of new platform tennis courts which will be built by the American Platform Tennis Association and located near the new PATH trail.

Liddell Drive Equalization Project – Roxanne, Yolanda Adrean (District 8 Council member) and I will be visiting this site later this week to take a tour of the facility. The Liddell Drive facility will address the sewage overflows that occur in Peachtree Creek during heavy downpours. The 10 million gallon tank will store wet-weather flows so that the water can be discharged back into the creek after a storm at a controlled rate of flow.

Colonial Homes Redevelopment/Park addition– AMPC board member and Pollack Shores’ Managing Director of Acquisitions, Graham Carpenter, reached out to the Conservancy about incorporating a 1.5-acre park on their property which borders Atlanta Memorial Park.  The new park will be accessible to the public. Learn more about this development here.

President’s Council – The President’s Council is a newly formed group consisting of association presidents from neighborhoods near Atlanta Memorial Park. The Council will assist the Conservancy in its efforts to reach all of the neighbors living near the Park to increase involvement and awareness. Doug Healy, chair of the President’s Council and President of the Brandon Neighborhood Association, is very committed to this cause and its grassroots efforts.

In closing, we want to thank all of our members for their time and continued financial support.  With everyone working together, we will succeed in our mission to make Atlanta Memorial Park a beautiful, environmentally sensitive and sustainable park.


Catherine Spillman

Executive Director

Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy