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As AMPC begins a new year, we thank our donors for supporting AMPC as it works to restore, enhance, and improve Atlanta Memorial Park!

With the support of the community, local foundations and our partners, AMPC remains focused on our 3 core areas of Connectivity, Greenspace and Watershed, and is excited to be breaking ground on several projects in 2018.

– sidewalks will be installed around the park on the west side of Northside Drive (including improved drainage and an invasive species mitigation component),

– new 10-12′ trail will be installed by the PATH Foundation around the golf course,

– sewer improvements will re-start in Memorial Park January 3, 2018, and

– planning for the renovation of the existing Bobby Jones clubhouse is underway thanks to the hard work by the the Recital Hall group who has been working with AMPC and the Peachtree Battle Alliance to save the existing Bobby Jones clubhouse and re-purpose it for acoustic classical music performance and instruction.

The AMPC is also excited to announce that it has been awarded a $250,000 matching Legacy Grant from Park Pride to build rain gardens and other features to improve drainage at the new playground and enhance the old playground area by expanding the open field and add landscaping around the benches and picnic tables.  The Legacy Grant award also provides funding to enhance the park’s nature trail.

These improvements and others fit into AMPC’s mission to restore, enhance and preserve Atlanta Memorial Park, making it a beautiful, connected and sustainable urban greenspace for the enjoyment of all.    

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