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Atlanta’s challenge, as a city that has less than half the park space of comparable metropolitan areas, is not only to increase park space, but also to protect and preserve what it already has.  The Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy is committed to focusing attention and resources on the passive greenspace commonly known as Memorial Park, Bitsy Grant Tennis Center, and the Bobby Jones Golf Course and clubhouse.

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Over 150 citizens attended the City of Atlanta’s 2nd Community Engagement Meeting on June 1, 2015.  An overview of AMPC’s presentation from the June 1st meeting is provided here.  The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) anticipates holding its next Community Engagement meeting.  When the next meeting is confirmed by DPR, AMPC will notify its members and will look forward to continuing discussions on Atlanta’s third largest park.

To read more on AMPC’s recommendation for the reversible 9 hole course and practice facility option, click here.

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