What trees were removed to accommodate the new sidewalk?

Only 4 trees in the park, 3 of 4 in poor condition, were removed in May 2019 to accommodate the 5-foot sidewalks on Wesley Drive and Woodward Way.  3 additional trees on private property were removed in May 2019 as part of the sidewalk project.  The notice of tree removal as required by the City of Atlanta was posted in the park.  No appeals were received. 

As part of AMPC’s ongoing efforts to preserve the tree canopy in the park, AMPC conducted a tree survey in the park to assess the health condition of all of the tagged trees as noted in the response to “Tell me more about the surveying and protection of the trees?” below.  During the feasibility study phase, AMPC worked with the landscape architect to ensure that the sidewalk routing would work around existing trees where possible and note the locations where root bridging would be required if the sidewalk was laid within a tree’s root zone.

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