What is the status of the multi-use trail on the perimeter of the golf course?

The PATH Foundation spearheaded the design of a multi-use trail as envisioned in the AMPC draft master plan completed in 2014.

The portion that runs from the driveway entrance of Bitsy Grant, alongside Northside Drive to Peachtree Creek, was constructed by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and was completed late 2017.

The pedestrian bridge on Northside Drive, over Peachtree Creek, will be completed as part of GDOT’s bridge project.  It is not clear when GDOT will open this footbridge to traffic, but it will not be earlier than 2019.

The trail to continue eastward (along Woodward Way) on the north side of Peachtree Creek, crossing back over Peachtree Creek and connecting to the existing Beltline, is underway and will be completed summer 2018.  The AMPC, the PATH Foundation, the Peachtree Battle Alliance, (former) Councilmember Adrean’s office, Councilmember J.P. Matzigkeit’s office, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the state, and the Bobby Jones Golf Course Foundation have all worked together on this project.  Many thanks all around.

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