Tell me more about the PATH around the golf course.

The 10-foot (in some sections 12-foot) wide PATH around the golf course is complete and open for use!  The missing link is the pedestrian footbridge which will span Peachtree Creek alongside the new Northside Drive bridge.  This footbridge, estimated to start in 2020, will be constructed as part of the Northside Drive bridge replacement project; see section 2 for more information.

The pedestrian footbridge will be on the east side of the to-be-rebuilt Northside Drive bridge, and connect the new PATH alongside Woodward Way with the PATH that currently dead-ends near the creek.  Notably, the PATH will connect with the underpass which will go underneath the rebuilt Northside Drive bridge, connecting the PATH on the golf course side with the sidewalks and trails on the west side of Northside Drive.

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