What do the silver markers with red tape on many of the trees in Memorial Park indicate?

The tags are a unique identifier for each tree that corresponds with both the information AMPC collected as well as a specific location captured in the survey.  AMPC, DPR and other city departments now have the resources to not only see a tree in the field, but can now look up the species and size, if desired.  The tags and nails are aluminum so they will not corrode, and only cause the damage equivalent to a paper cut.

The City required all trees within 35’ of a proposed trail be sized and located at a minimum.  By knowing the “what and where” of the trees, trail improvements have been planned in a way that minimizes the impact to the trees and of the trees impacted, mitigating those impacts ideally through root bridging.  The 6 trees that do require removal for the installation of the sidewalks are discussed further below.

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