Tell me about the Tree Pruning Project on the passive (west) side of the park.

AMPC was awarded a grant by the Garden Club of Georgia for a Tree Pruning Project.   The grant, which was reviewed and approved by registered arborists and the city, can be read here; the final approval document is here.   From the document:

“The Project will highlight the treasured tree canopy in the park and demonstrate how proper tree pruning can not only enhance the forest but also extend the life of the tree canopy for future generations.  The Project will also bring attention to the memorial trees that were planted in the 1930s.“

“The Project is an important part of the larger Plan for the park which will serve as a road map providing long-term guidance for tree plantings, species selection, tree care and maintenance.  The Project and Plan will be monitored and managed as a team effort with Brookwood Tree Consulting, the Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy and the City of Atlanta working together to develop a priority of actions to improve the tree canopy in the park.”

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