Are chemicals are being used in the Park?

AMPC is working with Trees Atlanta to remove the invasive species in the Park by having monthly volunteer days in the park to hand remove invasives (primarily kudzu and privet) on the second Saturday of each month.  The work days also include re-planting of native plants when the area is cleared of invasive plants.  All are welcome to attend and can find more information by contacting AMPC or Trees Atlanta. 

As part of AMPC’s efforts to remove invasive species in the park, AMPC worked with Trees Atlanta in 2014  to complete a study to assess the use of prescribed grazing and hand-pulling in non-erodible areas, which can reduce the amount of herbicide application required by as much as 90%. 

To help prevent the invasive species from returning, Trees Atlanta, after receiving authorization from the City of Atlanta, does use herbicides sparingly.  See below for an explanation from Brian Williams, Trees Atlanta Urban Forestry Director and ISA Certified Arborist.

The recommended herbicide used by Trees Atlanta is Rodeo, a water-safe form of glyphosate that lacks the surfactants that cause harm to invertebrates and amphibians, or a forestry specialty herbicide called Element 3A, which is a salt form of triclopyr. Foliar application to ivy would only be scheduled during dormancy periods for desirable species. Both Rodeo and Element 3A are safe to use near surface water, have little to no soil mobility (meaning that in a clay soil they are bound to soil particles and rendered inactive for uptake by nontarget plants), and have low toxicity to humans and animals. In terms of carcinogenicity in lab studies, triclopyr is considered of no concern, and glyphosate is currently at Level 2B; this level means it is safer to come into contact with glyphosate than with smog (Level 1), diesel exhaust (Level 1), ethanol in beverages (Level 1), consumption of processed meat (Level 1), ultraviolet radiation (Level 1), or sawdust (Level 1) (per the American Cancer Society).

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