Our vision is to restore and sustain the urban forest and surrounding greenspace in Atlanta Memorial Park. The area Includes the area west of Northside Drive, north and south of Peachtree Creek, and the area to the east of Northside Drive adjacent to the existing clubhouse including the perimeter of the park that borders the multi-use trail. 


 –     to enhance the user experience, safety & enjoyment of all park goers including, children, walkers, joggers, and other visitors 

What we are doing:

 –     Partnering with Trees Atlanta on the monthly Forest Restoration volunteer days in the park

 –     Partnering with Haynes Manor Recital Hall Foundation and Peachtree Battle Alliance to develop landscape plan for the grounds surrounding the clubhouse

 –     Partnering with Georgia Audubon to have a second area of Atlanta Memorial Park at the Bald Cypress Grove designated as a wildlife sanctuary     

 –     Focusing on phase II of the Memorial Park Pruning Project to address long overdue pruning needs in the Park to enhance the safety, aesthetics and health of the tree canopy 

What we have done:

 –     Worked with Councilmember J.P. Matzigkeit’s office, GDOT, Astra, HGOR, Springlake Civic Association, and Trees Atlanta to pant 101 trees along Northside Drive in winter 2019

 –      Planted over 200 native trees in December 2018 and 2019 in the area of the park where AMPC has partnered with Trees Atlanta to remove invasive plants

 –     Worked with City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks & Recreation and the Mayor’s Office to relocate and replace the playground in Memorial Park

–    Partnered with landscape architect, Patrick Hand, to fulfill AMPC’s Park Pride Legacy Grant to complete the beautification project near the former and new playgrounds including installation of nature trails with consideration given to overall connectivity to multi-use trails and sidewalks on the east side of Atlanta Memorial Park

–     Commissioned Brookwood Tree Consulting to conduct a tree study noting location and condition of the trees within the boundaries of planned sidewalks 

Our future plans:

 –     Consult with Brookwood Tree Consulting, the City of Atlanta Arborist and Trees Atlanta to devise a planting schedule for native trees in the park

 –     Provide ongoing educational programming to citizens to further inform park goers about sustaining an urban forest, the importance of invasive species removal, watershed highlights, and bird walks

 –     Work with Parks & Public Works for proper maintenance of the Park and for signage that promotes trail use and provides educational information

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