How many trees will be cut down to make way for the 5-foot sidewalks?

Extensive research was conducted during the Feasibility Study phase to save as many trees as possible.  Only four non-specimen trees, 3 of those 4  in poor condition, have been recommended for removal out of the 868 trees surveyed for the project. Of the 4 trees marked for removal, 2 are are leaning into the street creating a hazard to vehicular traffic and pedestrians due.

The trees to be removed are marked with an orange “x” and are tagged with the following numbers: 1198, 1829, 1875, and 1787.

29 trees will be planted as recompense for the tree removal as required by City of Atlanta ordinance and for the purpose of preserving the existing tree canopy in the park.

3 additional small trees on private property will also need to be removed to complete the sidewalk project.  AMPC met with all 8 property owners along the stretch of Wesley Drive (on the park side) near Howell Mill Road to discuss the project.  The 3 owners needing to have their respective trees removed agreed to have this work done to accommodate for the sidewalk project.   A follow-up meeting will be held with all 8 property owners to review the project again before construction starts since some homes have changed ownership since AMPC’s last meeting with the homeowners along this stretch of Wesley Drive.

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